iPhone Bracket Manager Pro - Manage 3 Round Brackets Right From Your Phone!


Bracket Man Pro is an easy to use iPhone tournament bracket manager, designed for those who want to manage simple 3 round brackets using their iPhone or iPod touch. You can use this iPhone app for any kind of bracket you can imagine, anything from a quick pick up basketball tournament, to a darts tournament, bowling, cards, use your imagination! While Bracket Man may be perfect for someone who just needs to do single elimination brackets, the Bracket Man Pro will also allow you to run your double elimination brackets right from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Just imagine, no longer needing to find paper and a pencil to manage your brackets, now you can use your iPhone as a bracket manager. Of course, if you need to have paper brackets (like bowling leagues who have several brackets that people need to be able to review for example) you can still use the Bracket Man Pro to help! Enter your participants, and press the "shuffle" button and Bracket Man will shuffle the participants using a randomization algorithm making your brackets truly random. Bracket Man is easy to use. Simply press the “Edit/New” Button to begin a new bracket. Fill out participant information and click done. Want to randomize the participants? Simply shake your iPhone or iPod Touch and bracket man will reassign bracket positions, giving you random pairings in your bracket!