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Do you coach a basketball team? Do you or your kids play basketball? If so, you realize how important good statistics are to becoming a better player and winning more games! Now from the convenience of your iPhone or iPod Touch you can manage and track your team's statistics quickly and easily while the game is being played. Spend your time coaching or playing the game rather than calculating shooting percentages and other important stats.


Coaches, Basketball Stats can show you at a glance which players are in foul trouble, who is shooting the best from the field, and who your best defensive players are? This information and much, much more is at your fingertips with the click of a button. Simply have your assistant enter the stats into the fast and easy input screen on either an iPhone or iPod touch as the game is being played. Instantly you will have real time data to quickly make team changes and see the results on the court.

Parents, track your child's progress using Basketball Stats. Help them learn more about the game by seeing how their individual contributions help the team win. With BasketballStats you can track their game stats and season averages. Want to share stats with other players on team or family members? No problem! You can email stats for a game or the entire team season to anyone you want anywhere in the world, all from your phone with a simple click of a button!





With Basketball Stats, you can track the following stats for each game your team plays:

  • Shots made/missed (2 pointers,3 pointers and free throws)
  • Assists
  • Rebounds (Offensive and defensive)
  • Fouls (Indicates when a player is in “Foul Trouble” and should be taken out of the game)
  • Steals
  • Blocked Shots
  • Turnovers